Wednesday, March 30, 2011

beginning of spring

Well just a little update because i've been really freaking busy
My show, "Too Young To Burn" was fantastic, its still up, and i really think people are enjoying my work. (and if anyone would like to buy from it let me know)
St.Patricks day parade was a freaking MESS. with i took pictures
and spring break has started, and i've been taking pictures, and now i can get film developed form the $$$$ im making. 

cutie pie, adara


 The flier for my show!

adara, still from a stopmotion for jamsey's senoir project

michelle at my show!

The owner of the MacheteMachete studio's work. awesome, right?

liam at the show

Chilli Cook Off

chilli cook off. great night.

freaking Chuck Wicks came down to out little island!

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