Tuesday, May 17, 2011

prom was last saturday, and its a pretty crazy story, so here it is.

at the flower shop getting corsages. cam.

caylee and cam and caylee's house. aint they the cutest.


the whole crew at will's house. (we fit all these people on the bus!)

it as pouring rain by the time the bus (and yes, we had a 'party school bus') arrived, and we had to put trash bags over ourselves, run up will's hill, climb on the stepping stool/ladder thing, and cam pulled us up into the bus. was freaking crazy.


we finally got everyone on the bus. 


then, about 10 minutes in, because it was POURING rain the bus broke down in the middle of the street. the guy called the company, and they had another bus coming, but we were stuck for like an hour


nikhil!!! (prom king)

Cam directing traffic around the bus, hahahaha

haha, adara!!

kyle and anna

aaahh i love these kids

and we finally made it to prom, food was good, prom was lame. 
kyle and josh dancin it up.

i didn't get a lot of pictures of in-between, but after prom, we all piled back on the bus, but jamesey hit his head on the door, and was bleeding everywhere, so he went to the ER, and got 5 stitches but then arrived at the after party with blood all over his shirt. haha was fucking great. 
the after party was at Club Comanche, which is a really cool place, but we were only there for an hour cause it closed at 2 am.

then we went to cam and caroline's house, and played beer pong all night.

then we watched morning come.

parker and jenna watching
everyone sleeping outside 

zoe p. and zoe p.

going to bed at 6am.
parker, jenna, cam, caylee, adara.