Sunday, January 8, 2012

I am sosososo bad at getting film developed.
shit thats happened, i had my second show at MACHETEmachete gallery on Dec. 15, and it was suuuuper coool. i i have more pictures of it, but i need to get that roll developed too. 
But now unfortunately the owners of machete, decided to leave and now i dont have a cool little escape to go to after school to hangout and read photography books and listen to music with Thomas and Alisha. 
Christmas break started and everyone came back on island, and now school starts tomorrow and kyle left today and it sucks. 

hella old, from halloween. adara, brin, caylee, jenna, me. 

brin and her dad (the bobsters) halloween

day after halloween, so much trash in the car

Xmas eve party at brin's house! adara

ugly sweater crew at xmas

hanging out at machetemachete during my show

me and kyle during my show

freaking 12 foot xmas tree

brin and ralph at the xmas eve party

this is really old from like september when kyle came down for the weekend, but kyle's curtains at like 6 am. 

parker's room

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